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Pelia Extra Virgin Olive Oil

3lt Bag-In-Box, free delivery


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Bag in Box Packaging


Bag-in-box is a highly efficient form of packaging whereby olive oil is stored in a specially coated aluminium bag inside a cardboard carton, allowing the consumer to extract the oil using a convenient tap system.

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History of Olive Oil


Greek Mythology tells us that the God Zeus offered Athens as a prize to the god who presented the most useful gift to the people.

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Olive Oil and a Healthy Diet

Bowl of Greek Salad

Olive oil forms the basis of the Mediterranean diet, which has long been associated with a healthy lifestyle, resulting in low disease rates and long life expectancies.

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Olive Oil and the Olympic Games

wreath of olive being awarded

Winners at the ancient Olympics were crowned with a wreath of wild olive branches.

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Pelia production process